Dharma Teachers

Dharma Acharya Instructor Joseph Evans

Joseph Evans (Orgyen Shiwo Dorje) has been studying Buddhism with H. E. Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche since 2004, and is a devoted practitioner of The Buddha Path. He has completed eight summer retreats, plus two years of the Internet Teaching and Training Program, in addition to numerous seasonal retreats. In September 2018, he received the title of Honorable Dharma Acharya Instructor.

A dharma teacher known for his clear, sincere, compassionate and analytical teaching style, Joseph organizes local sangha activities and gives frequent dharma instruction and teachings. Recently, he has been offering introductory classes on Buddhism through the Lifelong Learning program at the University of Utah. In addition to his dharma activities, Joseph is a professional musician as a violinist in the Utah Symphony Orchestra, and enjoys teaching violin to students of all ages.

To fulfill the aspirations of his kind teacher, Joseph wishes to fully complete the path of the Dzogchen Lineage in this lifetime, help all beings realize their full potential of true happiness, and help create a peaceful and harmonious society in this world. To that end, he wishes to bring practical dharma teachings that inspire others to increase well-being and happiness, establish Dzogchen Lineage dharma centers, temples and schools in the United States and Japan, and to bring dharma to life for countless beings through music.

Dharma Acharya Trainer Mari Abe Evans

Venerable Dharma Acharya Trainer Mari Evans was born and raised in Japan. She currently lives in Salt Lake City where she is an active member of the Dzogchen Shri Singha Association of Salt Lake City. 

Mari met H.E. Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche in January of 2005 in Salt Lake City, and took refuge in January 2007. She has attended many retreats with Rinpoche and Buddha Path teachers, including eight Dzogchen Lineage Internships and Drupchens since 2012, and two years of the Dzogchen Buddha Path Internet Teaching and Training Program. 

As an active translator, Mari completed the Japanese translation of the 2nd edition Buddha Path in 2012. In 2019, prior to Khenpo Rinpoche’s visit to Japan, Mari and the sangha printed The Four Noble Truths Booklet in Japanese. She is currently working on a translation of the Concise Buddha Path and other texts. In addition, she has been giving weekly teachings to the Japanese Buddha Path sangha weekly since February, 2020. In April of 2021, Mari led the first Dakini Program in Japanese, and she is in currently arranging another Dakini Program for Japanese women this April.

Mari has a Doctoral degree in music composition, and she enjoys composing Dzogchen lineage mantras for orchestra.